In celebration of Jim’s double Emmy nomination today. Inspired by another Tommy vs. Sheldon gif someone made a while ago, except this time, it’s Sheldon who snaps at Tommy. Cooper for the win :p

(Had to change Tommy’s quote a bit, wasn’t working otherwise)


season seven meme

three/five funny scenes • sheldon wants a new gaming system. amy wants butter. hilarity ensues.

Week 1 Day 3: Amy Farrah Fowler: Favorite Quote

A reminder that Amy is far more than just Sheldon’s girlfriend. She is a smart and brilliant scientist with a beckoning pelvis as only an added bonus.

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shamy meme

one/ten episodes; the agreement dissection

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Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik

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Friendly reminder that this adorable smile is because he’s talking to Mayim

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Dr. Fowler dressing up for her Dr. Cooper.

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MaJim arriving at Paley fest 2013


Mayim Bialik on kissing Jim Parsons -  Access Hollywood 4/24/14


"Everything is just sex with you, isn’t it?"